Project details

My current research project – my PhD (eek!) project and the project on which this blog will primarily be reflecting – investigates policy making around issues of migration and health, specifically in relation to how these policies play out on farms in Vhembe District, Limpopo.

This project forms part of the Migration and Health Project, a Wellcome Trust funded project which involves ‘a series of unique research and public engagement projects’, which collectively aim ‘to explore (and evaluate) ways to generate and communicate knowledge in order to improve responses to migration, health and well-being in the SADC region.’

Through my project, I’m basically trying to bring together three distinct literatures on policy making, governance in South Africa, and health and migration to try and understand:

  1. Why policy is made or left un-made;
  2. The interplay of and influence that various levels of governance have on each other;
  3. The role that evidence plays in these processes;
  4. The formaiton of coalitions and relationships between stakeholders; and
  5. The effect of all of this on migrant farm workers.

I’ll update this page as I go along and when I (finally!) am able to publish some of my findings!

I’ve created a little sally worm which I will keep updated so that you can see how the project is going! Text in black, means that it’s done, dusted, ticked off the to do list, and celebrated!

PhD progress worm April.001.jpeg




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