A blog? In 2016?


Yup, that’s right folks, I’m starting a blog in 2016. I haven’t had one of these since I was 15 and I’m pretty sure the background involved butterflies. However, the contract that I signed when I started my PhD with the Migration and Health Project (maHp), includes a clause about writing a blog and communicating my research and the research process – so I’m stuck here, and you’re stuck with me trying to make sense of my research in public. My one consolation is that if my concerns and struggles are documented on the internet for all to see, I might avoid becoming that person at dinner parties who shouts ad nauseum about their work.

One of the focus areas of maHp is ‘knowledge production, dissemination, and uptake’. Research uptake/science communication describe a growing trend within the academy for researchers to do a better job at communicating their research outside of the university space, or even just outside of the obscure journal in which they managed to get their research published.

As such, I’ll be using this blog as a general space to talk about the research process and what my research entails and shows. Due to some concern about journals being willing to publish things that have already been published elsewhere, especially a publicly available blog, until I’ve actually published my findings, I’ll be posting more about the research process and the projects that I’m involved in than the research findings themselves.

For now, while I work on more exciting content for the blog, feel free to peruse the other pages and blogs that I’ve linked in to find out more about the work at ACMS and maHp.


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